Finding Happy . . . A Memoir
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Excerpts & Photos

Photo by Brad Smith @ PhotoSmith 

. . . Reflecting on the miracle of finding Happy, I am tormented by Grandma Blondie's story. The shaggy dog's original owner remains a mystery to me. The woman's true identity went to the gr
ave with my grandmother . . . I will never know the magnitude of friendship or depth of connection the two women shared. Somehow a smiling dog with a curious tail played a part. He gave them a reason to give love a second chance . . .


<< Family photo of Connie with "Grandma Blondie." 

. . . The flame of curiosity (ignited by the woman who was considered, by some in our family, to be our weirdest relative and fanned by the neighborhood gossip monger) will never be extinguished and thankfully so.  It sparks my sense of wonder and warms my heart, which is full of gratitude for Grandma Blondie, who opened her door to a dog and for the generosity of a stranger, who gave us the gift of Happy . . .

Photo by Brad Smith @ PhotoSmith

NOTE: The angel images on this website (and featured on the cover of Finding Happy) appear courtesy of acclaimed photographer, Brad Smith. The angel is Brad's beautiful daughter, Sienna. Brad's studios are located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  To view Brad's photography online, visit: